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@MrNotez – “So Happy”

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D-Notez is a dope artist on the come up – Check out his latest track “So Happy”, it’s got dope vibes

@walkingdown12 – “Flippin’ Green”

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@JojoJonahJones – “State Of Mind” (44 Bars Remix)

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This rapper has the dopest vibe. Check out Jonah and his new track “State Of Mind”. He’s up next

YP – “Relax and Chill”

This track right here has the dopest vibes. Check out YP and his track “Relax and Chill”

M.C.-A.B. – “Y”

Check out this next artist that goes by the moniker M.C. – A.B. he’s just released his dope visuals for his track “Y” featuring Kue Dog

Instagram: @hustlehyeent

@itsmefuego11 – “Money On Money”

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“Money On Money” is a dope new track by Fuego that you need to check out – Listen below!

@legacypiditat – “Mind State Of 50″

Lenny Dortch is a dope up & comer from Boston and he’s coming in with some heat! Check out his track “Mind State Of 50″ You won’t regret it 🙌

@Q2Victor – ‘Oasis’ EP

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Check out this 8 track long EP called Oasis by the dope up & comer from Los Angeles Victor Q2.

@iampazzo – “Fiend”

Born in Atlanta, Ga Demetrius “Pazzo” Lucas was introduced to music at a very young age and even before being introduced to artist such as Michael Jackson, Tupac, Jay Z, Kanye and Chris Brown, to name drop a few artist that inspired him to create his own lane. 

His father served in the army so he has traveled and done shows in places like Seoul, Korea, Kaiserslautern/Heidelberg/Frankfurt, Germany, Fairbanks, Alaska and even Venice, California. Traveling the world has given him a different outlook on life as well as on music. 

This year you can expect him to work with Miami based artist Love Melo and even a short EP project, of which all the beats on the project were created by up and coming Conneticut based artist Felly.

Pazzo is not your typical artist. I can guarantee that he is an artist you will want to keep an eye on. The sounds are always genuine and the vibes are always pure, positive and dope.

 For any inquires please email 

Social Media:

Snapchat: iampazzo

@Itsrajaun_ – “Radio Love”

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This song 🙌  the lyrics, the voice, the beat – It’s all straight fire 🔥  Check out Donny Rajaun and his track “Radio Love”. He’s a young up & comer from Virginia with a bright future ahead in the music business, don’t miss out on this dopeness.