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@JakeV24 – “Retail Life”

Check out Question Q and his latest track “Retail Life” – This is the second single off of his upcoming debut album

@cdavidmusicpr – “Aléjate”

“Aléjate” is a brand new smash hit by the talented up & coming artist Carlos David – Check it out!

Jey Pone – “Nann Freestyle”

One minute freestyle for #freestylefriday by Jey Pone

@walkinlickkk – “Highlights of My Life”

Loq T Legit is straight dope! He’s up next for sure, check him out

“Highlights of My Life” exclusively released 12.1.17 This album is vintage, youthful, & most of all universal; displaying lyricism, substance, pure soul & heart. 

With this album I allowed myself to be free from all my worry and pain, by highlighting  pivotal moments that helped me along the way throughout my life. Good and bad my journey has been one of compelling mystery. As I still seek truth I’ve yet to find. As much as I try to escape the harsh reality of my lifeline. So much disappointment continuously lingers in my mind. But learning to accept my life for what it is, put my mind at peace.

Fresh out the Holster for the Culture put this one on a Coaster. – LOQ T LEGIT

@j0nny_chidi – “125”

“125” is a straight hit from brand new emerging artist Jonny Chidi – Check him out!

@murphdakid_sfs – “Stackin” & “Lit”

Murph Da Kid is an up & coming artist from Virginia and he’s got two newly released tracks that are straight dope! Check out “Stackin'” and “Lit” below

@Nicholas2491- “Show yo Love” feat. Noah Floyd

Chris Reddick from Dallas, Drops His project (Album Title )”Forgiven” and Singles “Show yo Love” and “Focus”

This is his first release, Look for the project and single releases. He will be performing spring break 2018 at Al-Amir Lebanese Restaurant and Club. What has inspired the making of the album Forgiven. Forgiven is inspired by the life of Christopher Reddick. The experiences of his life influence the making of this album. Experiences like betrayal while living in a dangerous impoverished city. Facing death and jail time betrayal of friends and family. Chris is releasing the story of his life. The meaning of the album Forgiven is forgiving the people, family, and the city that overlooked him while thanking them for the man he is today.

Show Yo Love is a way to experience different parts of the artist life. His inspirations for the song is his ability to overcome the struggles of life. Whether you are born into privilege or poverty, you still have the same opportunities in life. Though it may take longer to accomplish your goals without as many resources, it is still possible. It’s important to remember where you came from because there are people out there with similar experiences in life that need your love.

Focus is about Focusing on life, dreams, goals, relationships, love, career, money etc. When you lose Focus and become distracted you will lose love. Love is a deep feeling of affection, Whatever a person love the most is easy to lose when you lose focus. STAY FOCUSED ON YOUR DREAMS.

@hbk_mani – Nascar Ft. NJ Fuego (Prod. $tefNotNice)

Mani is an 18 year old artist on the come up from New York – Check out his dope track called “Nascar” ft. NJ Fuego with production by StefNotNice

Tariq Davis (@RealNcRiq)-98 Till ’17